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[Wire and cable industry is definitely not a sunset industry.]

, Ladies and gentlemen, the same industry is advanced:

Wire and cable industry, though not middle of the day, but it is not a sunset industry] Today, I cut to the chase, the main wire and cable industry, although so-called capital higher than the long traditional industries, but definitely not a sunset industry, so I sincerely hope we can reach consensus and work together, and also has a bright future for this industry refueling; touches for domestic and foreign demand trends, with the government desperately wants to expand the international trade arena, to enter on the eve of the WTO, how to use the existing living space to enhance industrial competitiveness, and indeed current reality discuss urgent issues.

First of all, I have the industry is currently facing the industry bottleneck beginning; I would like to present you with the industry advanced nearly half a century of development of wire and cable industry have a unique vision will unswervingly stick to the standard, continue to work quietly, development of new products, to seek more business opportunities, hoping to break through the current situation in one fell swoop, creating a new opportunity for industry. This is as I began to emphasize [the wire and cable industry is definitely not a sunset industry] the main reason. At the dawn of the 21st century, large industrial plight of wire and cable industry faces:

Wire and cable industry's market structure still remains in the main export to the domestic market, supplemented by the conservative stage, many manufacturers, the domestic market is supersaturated, in the case of oversupply, resulting in the interbank price competition.

Environmental consciousness of people, land acquisition is not easy, high cost and lack of grass-roots labor, wages rose significantly affect the industry to increase their investment intentions; plus industrial waste disposal limited by environmental regulations, industry plagued bear in a clear process, and then seriously affecting the industry's waste use of effective resource recycling.

General lack of relevant domestic industry in the large-scale systems engineering for the system capacity and performance, domestic major construction projects, mostly adopted international standards, and unlimited sources of material, making the subject of foreign manufacturers based on their own long-term relationship, the vast majority of the material were purchased from abroad, caused by the domestic industry likely to be excluded.

Faced by the accession to the WTO and APEC to promote energy sector ahead of liberalization, the tariff to be substantially lowered and the market is fully opened, South Korea, China, and Thailand to join the competition, resulting in the industry got hit with dumping.

Rely heavily on imports, explore export side, the key components and raw materials such as copper plate the most important raw materials for wire and cable, the proportion of total production cost of about 7-9 percent, but need to fully rely on imports, coupled with the ups and downs of international copper prices is quite large, the industry can not effectively grasp on a foreign quotation and production cost control.

The lack of overseas market information, the industry's export marketing pipeline needs to be strengthened to develop.

The plight of the above-mentioned several industries, in fact, in the past few years has been the industry in a variety of different occasions, and constantly put forward to deliberations on how to cope with the problem. Now, in the environment continue to rapidly changing again, although older students, long talk, but it is sincerely appeal to our attention, and a clear understanding of the hidden crisis and opportunity.

At this point, my personal humble opinion, advanced with all of you industry together to explore the future direction of the industry. In the past, for the sake of stable growth can be "maintaining the status quo"; However, the current rapidly changing environment, in order to obtain the living space must have a full range of ability to respond, otherwise you will keep up with the times quickly replaced by other steps, has been eliminated. I want to talk about a full range of adaptability, not to abandon the traditional cable products, rushed to the whole towards the new high-tech development, but how in the production of traditional cable products at the same time, comply with the needs of the times, "to seize the initiative in transition, and technology upgrades to improve industrial competitiveness. " After all, the wire and cable industry a wide range of widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, telecommunications, communications, information, and the construction industry, to provide basic materials for electronics, communications and data transmission, or the basic living space.

In recent years, electronic information industry is booming, driven by Internet and computer line needs to increase, although the economic downturn, but the two major industries not affected; lines in the network, based on market demand buoyant sales significantly increase, using the Internet is a popular industry, the future is also a trend line, a conservative estimate after two years, a growth of up to more than half. To expand the occasion of the popular Internet cable market, the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail and the construction of five or six to lose, will be driven by domestic demand and industrial boom, the development of the industry or should adopt a balanced development of heavy electric cable product development must also fairly pay attention to the cable products should still be continued investment in new product development.

However, the so-called opportunities, often due to the industry's excessive blind investment, the formation of crisis. Power cable products for the main products in the same industry, the fifth, sixth input distribution program to accelerate the progress of the implementation of the Executive Yuan has decided to make 40 more than five hundred billion Taipower sixth transmission and distribution plan, included in the major infrastructure planning from July next year, until ninety years, the construction of two hundred seventy-two substation; It also includes ground and underground cable laying, it is estimated that six to lose the scale of investment which the cable industry opportunities accounting for more than one hundred billion yuan in first six to one KV UHV cable-based. Foresee the same industry as the fight for domestic special high voltage power cables up to hundreds of billions of market opportunities, the UHV power cable demand is increasing, with the industry have spent a lot Jia Rute high-voltage cross-linked PE power cables production ranks. However, copper is an important raw material, accounting for the high rate of production costs, copper prices of raw materials continued to rise, the cost of production of wire and cable industry must increase relative, we must pay attention to the potential crisis level. In addition, the previously mentioned network line, fiber optic cable in recent years increased demand, coupled with the Internet era coming, and fixed-line opened up to private, and indeed to promote fiber-optic cable market has rapidly grown. Peers scrambled to input from the original 8 in the fiber optic cable production peers, overnight 17, so the competition law is well worth considering?

Early next year, will be a crucial year for the decision of whether to join the WTO World Trade Organization, foreign same has been lurking around waiting for eating our domestic market, under the powerful enemy arrives, how should the Government Procurement Law "and China is about to enter Although the Government of the WTO impact and market competition; above 69KV high voltage power line is still adopted the policy of localization, but a preliminary to be taken a maximum of five years of domestic policy, 15KV and below other general use cable while taken to gradually open and completely open manner; It is understood that the communications cable (with cable) after joining the WTO will adopt a completely open policy. Therefore, reasonable production for the domestic wire and cable providers can be integrated to solve the adverse conditions of competition due to the current tax system, before the accession to the WTO, we should be top priority to study and issues. In view of the raw materials of domestic wire and cable industry mainly rely on imports from abroad, the industry imported raw materials processed before export tariff of imported raw materials will not be able to tax rebates, so that reduce competitiveness. We worked through the Association, the response efforts to lower tariffs on imports of raw materials recommendation to the Executive Yuan Guan Department of Justice and the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau.

The above, Clearly, our wire and cable industry, although belonging to the industrial development of government policy guidance, the stability of the survival and development of space, but due to the expansion of rapid production equipment in the same industry, market demand is limited, and the formation of the domestic market saturation , resulting in price competition in the same industry; the other hand, the government will join the World Trade Organization (WTO), the domestic market is bound to face the impact of full liberalization, so "how to promote the industry to rationalize the industry consolidation" and "how to respond to China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the impact "is in dire need of a breakthrough in the current industry difficulties.

In this, the plight of these two need to break the following coping program, though not necessarily immediately effective, but at least provide the industry advanced as the future common goal:

First, how to promote the industry to rationalize the industrial integration:

Domestic wire and cable owners to medium and small enterprises to enter international market competition, we need to move large-scale and mass production in order to reduce costs, therefore, you must first understand the needs of the domestic market and domestic vendors, production scale to carry out the plan of the capacity to integrate, integration of the excess production capacity, promote joint foreign investment of the same industry to be digested, so to make the wire and cable industry market structure in a rational. As to the first stage the need for industry consolidation project will be compared with the specialized production of low-voltage wire and cable, wire and electronic wire products is appropriate, and wire and electronic line the industry's pace of internationalization than promote industrial integration the best target.

Second, in response to China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) shocks:

After accession to the World Trade Group, the market liberalization is an inevitable trend, in fact, I consider that the domestic industry is not worried about competition in the market, but the face of domestic market opening, must be in keeping with, and will face the current tax system in order to expand foreign markets as the adverse conditions of competition; As we all know, until the raw materials of domestic wire and cable industry mainly rely on imports from abroad, the industry imports raw materials processing and then export tariff of imported raw materials will not be able to tax rebates, competition naturally can enhance the force, which is our industry reach a consensus, and called on the government to help solve the problem as soon as possible. There is also a noteworthy problem, that is, to cope with the accession to WTO, the industry in order to enhance the competitiveness of the necessary joint-related industries, strengthening the capacity of turnkey, in addition to the production of this industry, on the other hand, such as design, construction, components Yigai need to be strengthened, get out of a successful step.

Of course, the sustainable development of any industry must have a stable political environment and the promotion with the government for effective decision-making, so we also hope that the relevant government units to understand the voice of the industry to sum it all up, the industry needs the government attaches importance to the assistance sought:

One, hope can stipulate public works involved in the industry, and to convey to all public bodies - Almost all non-treaty or agreement of the countries and China, can be ruled out refusal to foreign manufacturers to participate in doubt (such as neighboring Japan and Singapore surface to allow the participation of foreign firms in the real foreign firms did not participate in opportunities) in order to avoid domestic procurement or import of an important industry doors open, must be no end of trouble, then again to remedy the situation fear no avail.

Second, the emphasis on domestic adopt international standards of major construction projects, the sources of material to the domestic production system as a priority.

Third, efforts to lower tariffs on imports of raw materials: raw materials of domestic wire and cable industry mainly rely on imports from abroad, the industry of imported raw materials processed before export tariff of imported raw materials will not be able to tax rebates, resulting in reduced competitiveness.

Fourth, over the years, the industry are ongoing efforts to research and development, production and marketing of self-confidence overall competitiveness has reached international standards, some of the industry in recent years, numerous examples of success in the export future accession to the WTO, the industry is not worried about the inevitable intense market competition, but at the negotiating table, the units concerned to adhere to the principle of fair and reasonable for the bottom line; the formulation of relevant laws and regulations and tender way of their business, under the benign conditions of open and fair competition, growth and progress.

After I took over the Association chairman, I really felt the need to shoulder-centered industry to seek living space mission. Although the industry will be moving away would be related to ups and downs, the challenges facing will be endless, and I want to appeal to, as long as we have confidence, determination, through thick and thin, mutual support, brainstorming, I believe that any problem will be solved. more safely break through any predicament. At this point, willing to mutually encourage each other with all the industry.


China's wire and cable industry due to the limited domestic market, export proportion will be increased year by year, the industry towards large-scale and professional development to increase the competitiveness of products, on the upstream and downstream integration, production and marketing division of labor. Domestic production, government, and academia will be combined with self-development of key components and materials, to get rid of the dilemma that technology and key raw materials, long-term control to outsiders. Production equipment will be towards the development of fully automated, in order to gradually reduce the reliance on grass-roots labor. Low value-added and labor - intensive industry will gradually migrate to developing countries, production, domestic effort to develop high value-added products, and with the government to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), CNS national standards will gradually reconcile with international standards IEC to promote industrial upgrading, and improve product quality, reduce production costs, and enhance industrial competitiveness, and the elimination of trade barriers, pray with the world.