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  Taiwan Electric Wire & Cable Industry Association Articles of Association

Congress to amend the twelfth session of the first member

Instructions from the Ministry of the Interior letter of July 12, 2002

Taiwan (91) within the community word 0910022826 number for approval

Chapter I General Provisions Chapter I General Provisions


This Constitution in accordance with the Industrial Organizations Law and its Enforcement Rules.

Article II:

This will be named the Wire & Cable Industry Association of Taiwan.

Article III:

The competent authority of this Council for the Ministry of the Interior, the industry authority in accordance with the articles of association of the purpose, the main task of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Their industry should be subject to the supervision and guidance of the industry competent authority.

Article IV:

This will be to coordinate the relationship between peers, to promote the common interests and plan for the improved promotion of the industry and promote economic development for the purpose.

Article V:

The will is a legal person.

Article VI:

This Council in Taiwan for the organization of area.

Article VII:

This will be the venue is located in Taipei.

Article VIII:

This Council when necessary by the Member on behalf of General Assembly resolutions, and reported to the competent authority for approval to set up offices in his Department.

Chapter II task

Article IX:

This will be the task as follows:

A survey on domestic and foreign wire and cable industry, statistics, research, improvement and development matters.

Survey on the Council on the sources of raw materials and assistance deployment matters.

3 member of the production, distribution of survey, statistical and promotional matters.

4 on technical cooperation and advancing issues.

5 on the legitimate rights and interests of members maintenance matters.

6 on the member state of affairs of the matters under investigation.

Associate export on the promotion of member products and exhibition matters.

On the establishment of the basic information of members and member representatives and dynamic investigation of the registered items.

Member license application to change according to exchange and proof of membership and other service matters.

10 on the mediation of disputes with the industry and labor disputes, to assist in mediation matters.

11 studies on labor productivity, and promote staff with the industry skills training and workshops organized matter.

12 held about members of public welfare matters.

13 items on the acceptance of institutions, organizations or members of commissioned service.

14. On the government's economic policy and industrial laws and to assist the implementation and research suggestions.

15 participate in matters of the social movement.

16 should handle the matter in accordance with the provisions of other laws.

Third chapter members and representatives

Article X:

Where in this group Zhi region, according to the law to obtain factory registration certificates, specify the business wire and cable business, public or private factory, in addition to defense and military factory, shall, within one month after the opening to this Council as a member.

Before the entry of members, should be represented at the Council referred to as a member representative.

Article XI:

Factory applied to join the Council should fill out an application for membership, board, together with four of membership registration card of four members on behalf of the registration card and factory meter Certificate of Incorporation in duplicate, sent through by a board review of this will be allowed to membership, but should this will open registration card each in duplicate, license A copy of the notification after approval by the competent authority for approval.

Article XII:

The members of non-waste industry, to move out of the organization of regional or permanent suspension from, shall not withdraw.

Article XIII:

This member of grading standards, should push to send the member the number of representatives and the membership fee provides

Article XIV:

Member on behalf of the person in charge of the factory manager or the current staff of the plant, those aged 20 and above is limited.

Article XV:

One of the following circumstances, shall not on behalf of the member.

A crime by the judgment in the implementation of those.

(2) deprived of civil rights, not yet the right to re.

By the declaration of interdiction, and has not been revoked.

4 by the bankruptcy declaration, not yet the right to re.

Member on behalf of occurrence of the subparagraphs in Paragraph one of those disqualified from their representatives: the representatives of the member of the original camp alternates on behalf of supplement.

Article XVI:

Member representatives have the right to vote, elect, be elected, and the power of removal, each representative of a right to.

Article XVII:

Member representatives can not attend the member of Congress, to be written commissioned representatives of other member agents. Each Member representative to attend to proxy a limit, and shall not exceed half of the number.

: 18 of each members and their representatives should be respectively the issuance of membership card and membership on behalf of the certificate, and the convening of the General Assembly re-election director, supervisors months before renewal time.

19: the Council should be in the convening of the General Assembly a month ago, to inform members to convene a meeting on the 20th statement whether the original member representatives of the faction continued to send or reassignment, not a statement, as a waiver continued to send or The reassignment Member on behalf of the right. Notice and statement shall be in writing.

Article 20: the Council members to assign or reassign the member representative should fill out and submit the membership on behalf of the registration card four, written notice to the will.

Article 21: their industry within six months after opening, not according to law to join for members who shall be submitted by the Council resolution, submitted to the competent authority within a time limit to join. Their industry's notice yet to join more than a year for a member who, by the Council resolutions, submitted to the competent authorities to notify the industry competent authority shall suspend business.

Chapter IV Organization and terms of reference

Article 22:

Home director 27 to the Council, the Boards of Governors, seven supervisors, organizational board of supervisors, another set of five alternate member, alternate supervisors two, by the Member on behalf of the bearer even the notation in the General Assembly elected from among the The aforementioned directors, supervisors in case of vacancies, respectively, by the alternate members, alternate supervisors were elected to fill the former term of office is limited.

Article 23: Council set to executive director of the nine people, by the director of the Council by secret ballot even notation mutual election.

24th: Board of Supervisors set a standing supervisor, elect from among themselves by the Supervisors Board of Supervisors with a single secret.

25th: this will be set, chairman of a people, by the director of the Council executive director used a single secret method elected.

Article 26: the chairman of this Council should have the nationality of the Republic of China and who are domiciled in the Republic of China. This Council members, supervisors and executive director, standing supervisor shall each have more than two-thirds of the ROC nationality and who are domiciled in the Republic of China.

Section 27: The director of this Council term of office of supervisors for three years, their re-election, not more than half; chairman of the re-election, limited to one time.

28 Article: This Association, the term of office of the supervisors should be calculated since the date of the convening of this first Council.

The preceding paragraph the Council shall within fifteen days from the closing date of the member of Congress being held, non-reported by the competent authority, shall not be extended.

Article 29: this Association, no supervisors to post.

Article 30: The Council of directors and supervisors of the following circumstances, namely the dismissal: the shortfall by the alternate members, alternate supervisors were elected.

(1) loss of membership on behalf of the eligible.

Any reason to resign, by the Council or the Board of Supervisors resolution.

(3) in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Organizations Law dismissed, dismissed or removed from who.

They represent the factory in accordance with the provisions of the Act of industry groups withdraw or suspended, canceled the membership.

Disa one: this Association, supervisors vacancy, within one month from the alternate members, alternate supervisors were elected. Alternate members, alternate supervisors fill vacancies, while the number of directors or supervisors over more than two thirds of all the directors or supervisors places, no by-election.

The Disa two: the powers of the members of Congress as follows:

(1) the election or removal of directors and supervisors.

(2) resolved that the amount of membership fee, annual fee, operating expenses and members' contributions.

RESOLVED conference, annual plans, reports, and budget and final book of business.

Resolved to a variety of articles of association.

(5) resolved that the members and representatives of the punishment.

Resolved to the dismissal of directors and supervisors.

7 RESOLVED that the Office of the establishment, merger or abolition.

8 resolved to liquidation and selected liquidator.

9 resolved that the disposition of property.

10 resolved to other matters of membership rights and obligations.

Article 33:

The terms of reference of the Council of the followings:

Validation members and representation.

Meeting of the members (representatives) of the General Assembly and implement its resolutions.

(3) the election or removal of executive director, chairman of the.

4 resolved that the resignation of the director, executive director or chairman.

5 RESOLVED that the sanctions do not pay the dues of members.

Appointment or dismissal of conference staff.

7 and the Supervisory Board resolved to attend the superior group members on behalf of selected, reassignment, or resignation.

The annual ranking of conference business plan and budget and final accounts and to track and review progress in its implementation and results.

Submit the members (representatives) of the General Assembly resolution of matters.

10 other ex should do matters.

The Disa four: the competence of the Supervisory Board of this Council as follows:

(1) To monitor the Council executive member (representative) of the General Assembly resolution.

(2) to monitor the Council conference, business and financial reporting.

Audit the annual budget and final accounts audit opinion to the Council a written report to the General Assembly adopted or ratified.

Election or dismissal of executive supervisors.

5 resolved to supervisors or standing supervisor resign.

6 together with the Council resolved to attend the group members at a higher level representative selected, reassignment, or resignation.

Monitor the financial and property.

8. In accordance with the duties should be to monitor the matter.

Disa five: chairman comprehensive management conference, the external representation of this Council, such as for some reason unable to perform their duties should specify the executive director of an agent, not designated by the executive director of the elect of a human agent.

Disa six: This will set a Director-General, and several other conference staff, contractors, chairman of the life to handle the conference, reported to the Council by the chairman of the appointment and removal of, and within ten days from the date of adoption, reported by the competent authority for approval only after the prospective reporting for duty, or resignation.

Places before the conduct of business personnel, job title, treatment, and its service rules, set by the Council, mention adopted by the Council for approval by the competent authority for implementation.

Section 37: The Council director, supervisors shall not concurrently hold the conference of the Council staff.

Chapter Meetings

Section 38: The members of Congress, points to the left column of the meeting convened by the chairman.

A. Regular meetings, held annually, the convening of the date determined by Council resolution.

Two. Interim meeting of the Council deems it necessary, or convened by the Member on behalf of more than one fifth of the requirements, or the Board of Supervisors letter to the convened.

Article 39: Member of Congress convened, should be notified on the 15th, but the emergency, convene an extraordinary meeting, by serving the notice on a timely meeting to be not limited, and should be reported to the competent authority staff guidance or monitoring the election.

Article 40: Member's Congress, chairman of President, or by the directors, supervisors executive director, executive supervisor of the common presumption of three persons to five persons, the organization of the Bureau, wheel chaired.

Article 41: Member of Congress resolution to the member of the attendance of a majority of the representatives to attend the consent of a majority of the representatives of the line. The left column the resolution of the sections of the matters to member representatives to attend more than two-thirds, to attend on behalf of two-thirds agree-bound.

1 Prospectus change.

2 members and representatives of the action.

(3) directors, supervisors dismissed.

4 resolution liquidation and the liquidator selected.

Article 42: Member of Congress to attend the entire membership the number of representatives. Shall be deducted by the stop the right to sanction Member

Sent by the Member on behalf of calculation.

Article 43: The Board, Board of Supervisors shall hold a meeting, held at least once every three months, alternate members, alternate supervisors have to attend.

Article 44: the chairman or managing supervisors, no reason to not follow the preceding article shall convene the Council or the Board of Supervisors more than two times the duties of the chairman or managing supervisors, should be lifted, otherwise re-election.

Article 45: The Board of supervisors resolution, a majority of directors, supervisors attend to attend a majority agree with the line of the member, or the resignation of the supervisors, attended a majority of the directors or supervisors of attendees line of several more than two-thirds agreed.

Article 46:

Directors and supervisors should be to attend the board meeting, board meeting may not authorize another agent, except public holiday, continuous leave twice to the absence of a theory, such as absent for the full two times, be deemed to resign by an alternate member, alternate supervisors were elected.

Chapter VI funding and accounting

Article 47: The funds received as follows:

Membership grade of an entrance fee: Membership, according to their standard dust mop to send members on behalf of the number of each member represents a payment of NT $ 1,000 for the whole.

2 The annual fee is divided into the left column of the second category:

Group A: Every year in four paid and pay once every three months, members, the amount paid in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

Category B: Membership fees and CPI annual fee income of less than Times the competent authority approval, may be increased to pay the membership levels or otherwise. (3) Expenses: raised by the Member on behalf of the General Assembly resolution.

. Commissioned gains.

Fund and its fruits.

Funds and the yield should be the special account, not adopted by the Council, for approval by the competent authority shall not move the sticks.

Article 48: Expenses of share, each Member is at least one, at most not more than fifty copies, if necessary, may be increased by the General Assembly resolution.

Approved underwent the of the Operating Expenses total and each amount shall be the Member on behalf of the General Assembly resolutions, and report it to the competent authority for transfer by the industry competent authority.

Article 49: the operating expenses of the preceding article, when members retire, may not request refund.

Article 50: After the factory was opened within a month according to the law to join the Council as a member of its accession, dated back to the opening, to calculate the total number of the contributions due from the next month, and pay the entrance fee.

Such as Article 51: Member to pay membership fees are not required by the statute, shall be submitted by the Council resolution of sanctions in accordance with the following procedures.

Advice: arrears, less than three months by

Warning: in arrears for six months by the advice of its failure to perform.

Suspended: arrears, over nine months, warning complying shall not participate in all meetings and be elected as directors, supervisors, and enjoy all the rights within the group.

In the foregoing paragraph by the member to stop the right to sanction their faction member representatives have been elected directors or supervisors should be dismissed, by the alternate members, alternate supervisors were elected shortfall.

Article 52: This will be months before the start of the next year, compiled with the annual work plan and revenue budget book, mention adopted by the Council are forwarded to the Board of Supervisors Audit, audit submissions made with return The Council, after the passage by congress of the members mentioned before the start of the next annual report to the competent authority for approval, such as members Congress failed to convene, should be reported to the competent authorities, Member of Congress for approval to ratify.

Article 53: This should be within two months after the end of the year compiled a report on the work of this year, the revenue accounts book, balance sheet, balance of payments table, and property directory, mention adopted by the Council, the warp Board of Supervisors review, made with the audit submissions, return of the Council, mentioned by the Member on behalf of the General Assembly adopted, submitted to the competent authority for approval before the end of March. Such as the member of Congress failed to convene in a timely manner, should be reported to the competent authorities, Member of Congress drew ratified.

Article 54: The fiscal year ended January of each year commencing from 1 in December 31, 1998.

Article 55:

This Council, such as setting up the cause, should be a separate accounting each year sent to the Board of Supervisors Audit reported to the member of Congress, and points to the competent authority and industry competent authority for reference.

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

Article 56: This will be the local autonomous bodies will be dissolved or revoked when the remaining property, ownership, or the instructions of the competent government agencies and organizations.

Article 57: This Charter does not provide for the matters noted in accordance with the Industrial Organizations Law and its Enforcement Rules, and other relevant laws apply for the.

Article 58:

This charter was adopted by the congress of the members by the competent authority record implementation to modify the same.