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  Taiwan Electric Wire & Cable Industries Association aim to assist the member broaden the horizons of the Internet and create unlimited business opportunities and vision. Early Web content in addition to covering Association conference activities and industries, exhibitions and other important messages; In addition, our members are entitled to the information inquiry service, including the data of domestic and foreign traders, domestic industries decree compilation ....

 Logo image on behalf of the cross section of the wire and cable, wire and cable structure is nothing more than the conductors to be an insulator, the middle of seven representatives of the red circle pattern wire Chiku single core conductor of copper stranded or collection of layers of lined periphery of the circular pattern represents the insulator around the copper wire, concise and subtle, the most commonly used traditional Chinese pattern of circles represents a long long time, endless luck enough to show the vitality of the Association and the bright future, more have to promote social stability, harmony and progress meaning.

Peugeot the Council more representative of us will work with domestic and foreign government agencies, schools, groups of various associations, foundations and industry, government, academic and research experts and scholars to establish a cooperation mechanism to strengthen the establishment of the satellite system by all division and cooperation, solidarity, and look forward to the wire & Cable Association is the center of everyone to participate, work hard together, work together to improve the quality of life and work.